Xolo Restaurant

Xolo Restaurant


Puerto Vallarta’s boardwalk is the perfect the perfect setting for Xolo’s concept to give rise to an incomparable gastronomic experience. gastronomic experience.

Xolo’s main objective is to to exalt the gastronomic richness of Mexico and to Mexico and thus transport the guest to enjoy enjoy the live elaboration of dishes, antojitos dishes, antojitos and cocktails of Mexican origin. Mexican origin.

We will enjoy a guided dinner where we will bring together the best of Mexican traditions and customs, with a modern and unpretentious touch.

Menu Xolo restaurant


Traditional breakfast, hot cakes with fried eggs and bacon


Accompanied with fruit and honey. 3 pzas 150 gr


Traditional fajias with gratin cheese and accompanied by guacamole.
Molcajete of shrimp with meat made in puerto vallarta jalisco

Molcajete XOLO

Arrachera, chicken and shrimp served with panela cheese, cactus, onion served in a Molcajete with special sauce made by Xolo.


These Jars were born in the Mexican Revolution, in order to satisfy the thirst of the tired troops. 111 years of history at XOLO

XOLO Puerto Vallarta

Real Mexican Gastronomy

It will be an adventure along through Mexico, a place of millenary culture, where myths and legends myths and legends take shape a magical realism represented by means of gastronomy as a channel of expression channel, welcome to Xolo.

The best of Mexican traditions and Mexican traditions and customs, with a modern and modern and unpretentious touch.

Xolo Restaurant

Our Chef

Behind the Kitchen

The elaboration process is an art that we can savor and Xolo Restaurant is no exception, meet our gastronomic artists.

I stopped for a margarita, met a lovely couple from Kamloops, had great octopus tacos. I had a second margarita, and the owner bought us two tequila shooters. Great place to take a break when walking on the melacon.

Susan Komar-Lundberg